Our Shirts

Our Shirts

Premium Fabrics with Technological Functions

High-end shirt makers use cotton because it's the softest and most comfortable fabric to wear. However, haven’t you noticed that cotton saturates easily and dries slowly, resulting in awkward sweat marks appearing? Our patented moisture-wicking, anti-sweatmarks fabric is made with single-layered 140s super-high thread count cotton, with a silky smoothness and superior breathability that is one of the finest in the world. Here’s how our anti-sweatmarks / moisture-wicking technology works: Using a scientific weaving technique, our fabric draws perspiration away from the skin and transports it across the shirt's inner surface. The moisture is then spread very finely over a large surface area, encouraging it to dry quickly, keeping you feeling fresh throughout the day. The second function of our shirt is stain-resistance. Unlike conventional surface-coated fabrics in the marketplace, we treat each individual yarn at a microscopic level which does not compromise softness or breathability. Still doubting? Come visit us at our shop, and take a look for yourself. You will be amazed at the fine quality.

Bespoke Tailoring

Excellent workmanship and attention to detail

Unlike most tailors who would outsource their orders to a mainland China factory, every bespoke tailored shirt we make is crafted by our reputable tailors based locally in Hong Kong, which ensures the highest quality control and fastest turnaround time. We also arrange mock-up fitting session with each customer before the shirt is made, guaranteeing a perfect fit.

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Our ready-to-wear shirts also are produced with an equal level of craftsmanship. Since our fabric is specially weaved and constructed, we have carefully selected one of the most reputable manufacturers in Indonesia to handle our ready-to-wear production. We work closely with them to ensure every shirt is reviewed to the highest level of detail before it is shipped to our shop.

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Whether it's bespoke or ready-to-wear, all our shirts come with the below high-quality features:

Mother of Pearl buttons – made from the inner layer of pearl oysters known for its very rich depth of color

Single-needle side seam stitching – a standard hallmark of a high-quality dress shirt, single-needle stitching produces an incredibly tight seam that prevents the puckering commonly seen after washings

Small button on sleeve placket - A high quality dress shirt will feature an extra button in the center of this placket that prevents this part of the sleeve from gaping open, and allows you to roll up your sleeves smoothly. Some lower quality shirts will try to skip this detail resulting in either a large gaping opening just below the cuff, or a sleeve placket so short that the sleeves cannot be rolled up the forearm without feeling uncomfortably tight.

Removable collar stays – We insert highly durable removable collar stays to keep the collar straight and sharp. A removable collar stay is better than the sewn-in collar stay you will find in most mass brands because they won’t leave an unsightly creasing mark after multiple washings. All our shirts feature this, except for our button-down collars (the buttons serve the purpose of collar stays).

High quality collar – Cut symmetrically with straight and clean stitching along the edges, our shirt’s collar is also fused with woven interlining which adds a nice crispness.

Additional features on our ready-to-wear shirts (also an option for bespoke tailoring)

Double Interlined Collar
2 layers of durable fabric insrted inside of the collar for firmness.
Removable Collar Stays
Makes the collar poins looking crisp without damaging the collar when ironing (applies to selected collar types).
Split Yoke
The panel of fabric that runs across the shoulders just behind the collar are made of two pieces of fabric cut at an angle. This construction has both functional and aesthetic purposes, as it reinforces a greater range of motion on the wearer by allowing the fabric to stretch easily. It also helps produce a cleaner look on a stripe pattern, as it runs parallel to the seam of the yoke.
Premium European Fabric
140's 2 Ply 100% cotton with revolutionary sweat marks management system and stain resistant function.

Superior Craftsmanship
18 stitches per inch (SPI) around the cuffs/ collar and 160 stitches per buttonhole gives longevity and durability, whereas most brands go much fewer stiches to save cost.
Mother of Pearl Buttons
Gives rich depth of color and shine, resilient to degradation.
Reinforced Side Seam Gusset
This extra piece of fabric at the tail end of the side seam helps prevent the shirt from ripping which can be caused by aggressive tucking/untucking or an overzealous cleaner.
Spare Buttons
We care about your purchase and prepare you for the worst if buttons need replacing.