Our Technology

What Sets LXN Collection Apart?

Premium Cotton Fabric with Technology

Our premium cotton fabric with technology is what separates us from other brands. Developed in Europe after years of research, our fabric has the advanced technology of sweat-hiding and stain-resistant functions without compromising comfort. Made with 100% 2-ply 140s cotton, all our shirts have a luxurious silky hand feel and are highly breathable.



How does our fabric work?

By applying a breakthrough weaving technique, our revolutionary fabric draws moisture away from the skin and transports it across the shirt’s inner surface via a preset route. Moisture will then be spread very finely over a large surface area, allowing it to dry quickly, while the weave actively redirects the sweat droplets away from the outside of the shirt, preventing sweat marks from appearing. Our highly breathable fabric is also made in a way that will make it easy to wash out any lingering stains.

Combining style with technology, our shirts aim to keep all our customers looking sharp and feeling comfortable.

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