How much sweat can a LXN shirt take?

LXN shirts are made from advanced fabric that prevents sweatmarks from appearing. During particular profuse conditions, it is still possible for sweatmarks to show through, but LXN shirts will always dry much quicker than a regular shirt due to the use of its revolutionary moisture-spreading weaving technique.

If you are prone to perspiring and marks do appears, it will not be long before the moisture is quickly expelled.

LXN shirts are not a solution to medical conditions but will always work to keep you looking sharp and leaving a distinguished impression.

How does LXN shirt’s anti-sweatmarks function work?

By applying a breakthrough weaving technique, our revolutionary fabric draws moisture away from the skin and transports it across the shirt’s inner surface via a preset route. Moisture will then be spread finely over a large surface area allowing it to dry quickly and preventing embarrassing sweatmarks from appearing.

How does LXN’s anti-sweatmarks and stain resistant shirts feel?

You may be concerned whether shirts like ours would feel “plastic-y”. We can assure you that LXN shirts are made from 100% 2 Ply 140’s cotton, meaning that the shirts not only feel silky smooth but the fabric also behaves like normal cotton. But don’t take our word for it--visit our shop in Causeway Bay and feel the fabric for yourself!

Are the shirts breathable?

Yes. Our main concerns are comfort and breathability. Traditional stain resistant shirts were coated or sprayed-on with stain resistant substances which makes the shirt less breathable or makes the customers feeling extra hot while wearing the “coated” shirts. Our stain resistant fabric are made differently. By applying nanotechnology treatment process to the cotton even before it becomes a yarn, our fabric will maintain the natural softness, silkiness, and breathability of 100% cotton.

What liquids can the shirts withstand?

Our shirts can easily withstand liquids like soy sauce, coffee, juice, soda and most wine (lower density wine might stain the shirts). Most spills on the shirts can be easily wiped off without leaving a mark. However if you happen to encounter a more stubborn stain, simply apply water to the fabric surface and the stains will be easily washed out. Greasy or oily liquid stains will require machine wash with detergent.

How long does the stain resistant technology stay?

Since our fabric has been enhanced through the use of nanotechnology, the stain resistant function will last throughout the life time of the shirt’s cotton whereas shirts that are coated or sprayed-on with stain resistant substances might only last 10-15 washes.

How should I wash my LXN shirts to ensure best performance?

You can machine wash or dry clean LXN’s shirts. Whilst washing our shirts, we recommend avoiding the use of fabric conditioners at all times as it will affect the weaving of our revolutionary fabric. It is also important to iron the fabric on a hot setting.

Are LXN’s anti-sweatmarks and stain resistant shirts wrinkle free?

Since we want to preserve the natural feel of our 100% cotton shirts, we purposely did not put our fabric through the wrinkle-free treatment process.

I have trouble ironing / steaming the shirt.

We generally prefer the use of iron as it will bring out our shirts’ sharp and crispiness. Some customers experienced trouble ironing the shirt. We recommend applying more water to the area that you found hard to iron. Another trick by some of our customers is ironing the shirts right after the shirts were washed.

Does LXN offer women’s shirts?

Yes. LXN offers women bespoke tailored shirts.

Does LXN contain harmful substances or chemicals?

LXN’s anti-sweatmarks and stain resistant fabric has an Eco-Tex certificate, meaning the fabric has been proven that it does not contain any harmful substances.

Will LXN’s shirts shrink?

No. We have sent our fabric to be shrunk before sewing production.